Wrestling ClermontOur main purpose is to pass along the love of wrestling to the next generation of athletes. We think that a program that builds a solid foundation of wrestling fundamentals will generate new interest and awareness for the sport among Xtreme Gracie students and  parents. We think that the sport is exciting, rewarding, and character-building.

Our program is designed to provide a wrestling knowledge base to young athletes and adults. Our program is open to men, women and children (boys and girls).  Our focus, as a program, will be:

  • To provide a safe environment for each wrestler. Rest assured that your wrestler is supervised at all times. We also have a strict “No bully or slamming” contact policy.
  • To provide the best wrestling instruction possible in an environment conducive to learning.
  • To highlight the importance of nutrition and exercise in wrestling and in general health.
  • To enhance the self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline in each wrestler.

Wrestling is a great foundation for all sports.  It teaches the fundamental skills (balance, hand eye coordination, footwork, strength, etc.) necessary for any other physical activity.  It will focus on exposing the student to wrestling and these basic skills, setting the groundwork for future sports and activities.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a fun and a positive first experience with the sport.

We trust that in time, you will love it too!

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