Clermont Martial Arts

Nick Recanati - Co-Owner / Head Professor

Nicholas C. Recanati is a retired police officer for the Bergen County Police department. He was the lead training advisor for the Bergen County Police Academy for four years. Read More

Martial Arts Clermont

Anthony Valentin - Professor / GM

Anthony valentin was born in Brooklyn New York. At the age of 12 he moved down to clermont Florida where he was introduced to the sport of jiu jitsu and Mauy Thai. Read more

At 14 he started his training under Professor Nicholas Recanati and World Renowned Royce Gracie . 11 year later Anthony recievec his black belt under Master Cyborg Abreu and Professor Nicholas Recanati. He is currently very active in the competition scene and now is also the full time manager and jiu jitsu Professor of Xtreme Gracie jiu jitsu. Also he is certified under the National Academy if Sports and Medicine.

Martial Arts Lake County

Joe Tucker - BJJ Fundamentals & No Gi Professor 

Joe was born in Huntsville Alabama and grew up in Dublin California. He became active in sports at a very young age. Read more

He started playing football at 9 years old and played all the way through high school, including 2 years at varsity. He attended Dublin high school where he was a varsity wrestler all 4 years. Joe won many medals during his wrestling career. He started training jiu-jitsu in 2005 under Ralph Gracie. He actively trained until mid 2008 during which time he became a 4th degree blue belt. In addition to jiu-jitsu he train Mma and Muay Thai under Ralph Gracie. Joe trains under Professor Nick Recanati and is now a Professor, Black Belt belt. Joe is one of the Professors for BJJ and No Gi classes.

Minneola Martial Arts

Brandon "Sunshine" Recanati - Co-Owner/BJJ Coach/Muay Thai coach

Brandon "Sunshine" is a co-owner at Xtreme Gracie Jiu Jitsu. He  has been training in Gracie Jiu Jitsu since he was 5 years of age. He received his blue belt under his father,  Professor Nicholas  Recanati and World Renowned Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu in 2015 on his 16th birthday. Read more

Brandon is an active competitor with any outstanding record… some being 7 x Gold medal Disney Martial Arts, 6 x Gold Medal COPA, 1 Gold Del Rivra Cup, 3 x Gold NAGA, 1 National NAGA champion (rank #1) 2008, 8 x Gold New Breed & 11 X Gold Grapplers Quest. Brandon  also has an amateur record in Kick Boxing. He  is currently a 4 stripe Purple Belt and  the   Co-Head instructor for the  Ninja and Warrior program. He also Caches the Mauy Thai program.

Groveland Martial Arts

Reggie Nelson - Home School Director/Self Defense Instructor 

Reggie is a prior U.S Army Paratrooper with over 17 years of martial arts and fitness training. He is a passionate instructor with a background in professional development. As a father of three, Reggie began training his boys at a young age and works well with adults and children. Read more

His martial arts background includes Military Combatives, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. He trained for 10 yrs under Sifu George Kee at Wah Lum Kung Fu. He was an assistant instructor under Sifu Kee and performed in numerous demonstrations and competitions, winning several awards at international competitions between 2004 and 2006

Reggie has been training in Jiu Jitsu since 2011 and has been with Professor Recanati since Xtreme Gracie opened. He currently holds a four stripe purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and focuses on self defense and practical application.

Martial Arts Training

Danny Mauro - Head Wrestling Coach

Danny has been active in wrestling for over 16 years through extensive training, competing and coaching in wrestling. Read more

As a coach, Danny strives to teach not only the fundamentals of wrestling, but to bring out the true heart of a person through hard work, self discipline and respect. Wrestling develops a great foundation for all fighting styles and is a great conditioning tool for any sport. Training and competing as a wrestler will raise your self-confidence to the highest levels. Some of the greatest leaders and champions in the world started on the mat.

Danny has 7 years of wrestling coach experience at the high school level, including 3 years experience as a Physical Education teacher. Previous experiences also include Athletic Director, Physical Education Assistant, and Personal Trainer.


  • Master of Arts Degree: Coaching and Sport Administration (University of Central Florida - 2011)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree: Sports & Fitness (University of Central Florida - 2008)
  • Physical Education Teacher (Orange County Public Schools)
  • Certified Athletic Coach (Orange County Public Schools)

Jay Enoch - Summer Camp Director / BJJ Coach

Jay Enoch is a  4 stripe purple belt under Professor Nick Recanati and Master Cyborg Abreu. Read more

He is the Competition coach for the kids as well as a coach for the regular kids programs. He is an active competitor for the school and has competed in several different tournaments around the nation from the podium at Ibjjf to the Mats of ADCC. Jay is he current Summer Camp Director and Team Competition Coach.

Justin Henselin - Professor/Muay Thai Coach

Justin was born in Orlando Florida and raised in Winter Garden Florida. He graduated from West Orange High School where he played football all four years. He began his Jiu Jitsu Journey under Professor Jon Burke, Master Royce Gracie, and his main Coach at the time Nick Recanati (Professor). Read more

Justin is now a Black Belt under Master Nick Recanati and Master Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. Justin helps with the kids program and teaches on Saturdays when the team travels for tournaments. He is also an active competitor, he fights in Jiu Jitsu tournaments and Super Fights.

Justin is also the Assistant Striking Coach along side Head Coach Brandon "Sunshine" Recanati for the Muay Thai program. Justin debuted in his Amatuer Kickboxing fight by getting a big win. He is also an active fighter in Kickboxing as well and will eventually make his Amatuer Mixed Martial Arts Debut. He right now has a (3-0) Amatuer record in Kickboxing, and is looking in the future to become Professional Kickboxer and Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

Luis (Papi) Hernandez - Judo Instructor

Luis was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and grew up in The Bronx. As a
young man, Luis developed an interest in sports. Particularly an interest in
baseball. Read more

He played as a catcher in both high school and at the collegiate
level where he excelled. In doing so, it lead him to have the opportunity to
participate in open tryouts for 3 professional baseball teams which included
The Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Atlanta Braves.
Accepting the fact that baseball was not in his future, he discovered Judo
accidentally and immediately fell in love with the art. He trained extensively
in Kodokan Judo under the Tutalidge of 4th Dan Brian Yakata. Under Brian's
Tutalidge, he competed against many top national and international Judokas,
where he lost and won numerous tournaments. While he was still attending
college, he decided to enlist in the United States Army and served 8 years
both active duty and reserve. While serving as an Army Medic, he obtained
his Associate degree as a Radiologic Technologist. Today, Luis is not only
continuing the Judo legacy as a Brown Belt, but is also a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
practitioner under the guidance of Professor Nick Recanati, where he
currently holds a 3-stripe Blue Belt. Luis is helping to establish the Judo
program here at Xtreme Gracie to enhance the ground game with the
development of a solid standup game.